Create a TEA-riffic Host Page

A great way to start your OMT is to create a unique Host page where you can share your fundraising journey, writing down why you have chosen to be a part of Oxfam’s Morning Tea and the reason for Fairtrade morning teas. Your Host page helps to clarify your goals and lets everyone else know why you are so passionate about your Morning Tea fundraising. Use this template below to help you create your own story.

Your passion may simply come from learning about Fairtrade and the growers affected by our consumption, or you may have had a personal experience while travelling or living in a developing country. No matter where your commitment to Oxfam and Fairtrade spurs from, it matters that you share your passion and inspire others.

Answer these questions…

Why I’m fundraising

Think about what motivated you to start raising money. Do you feel personally connected to Oxfam? Has someone inspired you? Have you had a first-hand experience?

What I’m doing to earn (much appreciated) donations

Tell people what you’re doing to earn their sponsorship. Whether hosting a bake sale, a fancy dress party, or forgoing birthday presents, your supporters are interested in your fundraising, so tell them about it. And don’t be afraid to toot your horn! Tell them how much effort you’re putting in or just what a sacrifice you’re making.

Why this charity

What does Oxfam mean to you? Tell people about our work and why you’ve chosen to support us.

Why your donations means so much

Encourage people to donate by telling them exactly how their money will help. Check out Oxfam’s website for more information and resources to help you do this. Things like donation prompts are a great way of showing people the impact their donation will have.


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