Host a Morning Tea at school

It's time to learn about Fairtrade! Whether kindy, primary school, intermediate or high school, Morning Tea is a perfect excuse to eat Fairtrade chocolate, drink Fairtrade hot chocolate and learn all about the benefits of Fairtrade.

It's such a great event. You get to spread the word about Fairtrade plus raise money for a good cause AND have fun at the same time! We love Fairtrade Hot Chocolate. It's become a Meadowbank School Tradition!
Meadowbank School

Oxfam's Morning Tea is a great way to get children doing some real-life learning while enjoying some yummy treats. It's a chance to bring everyone together and welcome new students and parents too.


Make it a learning experience

Oxfam’s Morning Tea can play an important role in the school year and it’s not just about baking.

For primary schools why not ...

  • Create invitations and posters to get people along
  • Make different shaped biscuits and cakes
  • Do some real life maths to work out the total cost and change needed for different treats and drinks
  • Encourage pupils to help to set up and greet, or serve guests
  • Follow our assembly plan designed to encourage student participation and an understanding as to how they are making a difference

For intermediate and secondary pupils you could ...

  • Do the maths for how much it costs to make a cake – and how much to sell it for to make a profit
  • Get pupils working together to plan and organise their event following our helpful assembly plan
  • Create publicity posters in Art and Design to get people along
  • Give pupils the project of researching and giving a presentation on how Oxfam enables whole communities to thrive.
  • Use our classroom activities and lesson plans to help students better understand the world food system and the role of fair trade.

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And don’t forget, it’s a really enjoyable experience too. Let pupils do some baking. Have a bake-off just for staff – or open it up to your whole school community. It’s a sure way to make your event even more fun, so everyone wants to get involved.


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