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Fair trade and food justice for New Zealand students Levels two to five.

Start a discussion between your students on the world food system and the role of fair trade with these resources.

Assembly presentation

A fair trade presentation to introduce how small scale food producers are disadvantaged in the world food markets and how the Fairtrade scheme helps farmers win a fairer deal. Slide show with supporting script.

Assembly plan

Get pupils working together to plan and organise their event. Follow our assembly plan designed to encourage student participation and an understanding as to how they are making a difference.

Fair trade classroom activities

Follow a banana from Ecuador to New Zealand for students Level 2-5 through slideshow and activities of role-play, case studies for discussion and social actions your students can take.

Beat the System interactive game

This game will help learners understand the global food system, and the impact it has on millions of small scale farmers who struggle as a result of its unfairness.

Working in teams they will learn more about the role of the global food market, multinational companies, food and cash crops, and experience the challenges small scale farmers face first hand. Learners will also find out how the actions of governments, multinational companies and farmers themselves can make the system work better for everyone.

Beat the System interactive game and resources

Fair Trade Fortnight newsreader and drama skit

This assembly plan is based on an interactive role play game where classmates read from a script as though they are news presentors. This group game involves all class members either as presentors or an interactive auidence where they will reflect on their role as a consumer and their interconnectivity with producers. 

Cocoa Conundrum

A fair trade presentation to illustrate how cocoa powder, or our favourite chocolately treat could be under threat. This powerpoint demonstrates the supply chain of cocoa and the changes within the market over the last 10 years. Slide show with supporting script.

Fair trade factsheet

Oxfam's printable factsheet about fair trade and our work promoting it in the Pacific.


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