Planning your Morning Tea in 7 simple steps

Holding an Oxfam Morning Tea is the perfect excuse to get together with your friends or workmates over a delicious Fairtrade cuppa.

A Morning Tea is easy to organise and great fun - just follow our 7 simple steps!

1. Decide where to hold your Morning Tea

The official date for Oxfam’s Morning Tea 2014 is Friday, May 16, but you can hold your event any time during Fair Trade Fortnight from May 3-18. Once you’ve decided on a date, you then need to decide where you are going to have it. A few of the most
popular locations are:

  • Workplace: A Morning Tea is the perfect opportunity to liven up the weekly team meeting with some Fairtrade goodies, or to enjoy a break with colleagues in the lunchroom.
  • Home: Invite family, friends, and neighbours to join your Morning Tea - the more the merrier!
  • Community: Why not hold your Morning Tea in your neighbourhood, at your gym,sporting club, book club, coffee group or yoga centre?
  • School: It’s time to learn about fair trade with Oxfam’s Morning Tea. The perfect excuse to enjoy Fairtrade Certified chocolate and drinking chocolate whilst learning about the people who grow the ingredients.

2. Invite your guests

There are plenty of ways to let your guests know about your event. You could print out event invitations from our website (see our resources page), send an e-invite, make a Facebook event, spread the word on Twitter or simply call your guests to let them know the date.

You can also advertise your event with our invite posters, which will be included in your Morning Tea pack and are also available to download here. And check out our resources page - it contains web banners, invites, logos and everything you need to spread the word about your Morning Tea.

3. Serve the Fairtrade Certified goodies to your guests

Included in your pack will be Fairtrade Certified Caffe L’affare coffee, Kokako drinking chocolate, Scarborough Fair tea and a block of Whittaker’s chocolate to share with your guests. You will also receive discount vouchers from Caffe L’affare and Kokako if you want to buy more Fairtrade Certified coffee or drinking chocolate. You might also choose to treat your guests to some baking using fairly traded sugar, cocoa or dried fruit.

4. Play the DVD and share the materials about fair trade

You will receive a copy of our short and sweet DVD on the impact of fair trade in your host pack, which you can also watch online.

The short DVD will give you and your guests a great introduction to fair trade – so don’t worry about being an expert! The DVD will show the difference fair trade is making in the lives of growers and producers in some of the world’s poorest communities. Your Morning Tea pack will also include leaflets on fair trade for your guests to take away with them.

5. Get talking

Fairness is a powerful Kiwi value. Take the time at your Morning Tea to talk about what fairness means to you and your guests. You could get your group talking using these fun and stimulating questions:

  • What fair trade gift will you buy next for someone you care for?
  • Where did you first learn about fairness and unfairness?
  • Who have you really admired for being fair?
  • What action that promotes fair choices will you take yourself and challenge
    others to take?
  • What will you tell your family or best friend about what you did today?

These kinds of conversations can help us strengthen the connections between how we, as Kiwis, cherish fairness and have the opportunity to offer people in developing countries a fair go too.

6. Say thanks

It is people’s generosity that makes Oxfam’s Morning Tea possible, so please tell your guests how much their support is appreciated. Encourage your guests to support our sponsors by purchasing their quality Fairtrade Certified products next time they shop.

7. Send in the donations collected at your Morning Tea

The sooner we receive your proceeds, the sooner we can put the money to work. Send in your donations before May 31, 2014 and you’ll be entered into a prize draw.

Donate now

Charity begins at home baking

Good Books

Buy a recipe book from Good Books and know that 100% of profit goes to Oxfam. Good Books’ range is huge and worldwide delivery is free, so your Morning Tea will taste great and do good.

The difference you make

$91 can organise training for 7 farmers to teach them how to process their tea harvest themselves; sharing experiences and knowledge concerning organic agriculture and access to local markets.