This page contains resources to make the most of your Morning Tea.

The Morning Tea logo is available in three colours.

Available as a PNG file.

Available as a PNG file.

Available as an PNG file.


We have printable PDF posters that you can use to invite people to your event and to announce how much you raised post-event.

Promo poster (PDF, 2.4 MB, Note page 1)

We raised poster (PDF,  2.4 MB, Note page 2)


The invite is available as a colour printable PDF (0.34 MB).

Contact form

This printable form can be used to gather the contact details of guests at a Morning Tea so that Oxfam can send them further information.

Contact form (PDF, 0.12 MB)

Cake labels

These labels are perfect for providing information about the delicious goodies served at your morning tea, or for awarding winners of a bake off.

Cake labels (PDF, Seven per sheet, 0.53 MB).

School resources

We have fair trade classroom activities. These resources allow you to start a discussion between your students on the world food system and the role of fair trade.


Print out our colourful bunting to make your Morning Tea very festive. Download the bunting (PDF, six sides per sheet, 0.23 MB)


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