Fundraising ideas

Some FUN-draising ideas to get your Morning Tea brewing …

  1. Bake-sale: what better way to celebrate and raise funds for Fair Trade Fortnight than to bake fair trade goodies and sale them within schools, workplaces, community events… you could even go to a market to sell them!
  1. BBQ: a “Morning Tea” isn’t your thing? How about inviting a group of friends or family over for a BBQ to discuss fair trade and raise funds…after dinner you can dig into a fair trade dessert!
  1. One for the males: trim your beard: Have you been growing your beard or moustache for awhile? How about getting people to sponsor you to shave it off? Another way to boost your fundraising for your Oxfam Morning Tea.
  1. Games night: Organize a games night! Every individual who wants to join in must donate a gold coin…who knows maybe the winner of each game must then donate an additional time.
  1. Book fair: If you have any unwanted or old books that aren’t getting read, how about selling them and putting all the funds towards your Oxfam's Morning Tea. You can make room for new books, clear space and raise money all in one.
  1. Face painting: For those who have young kids, why don’t you organize a face painting event. To be face-painted, each individual must donate a gold coin – a fun and sociable event where the kids can get involved.
  1. Football match: Are you energetic or sporty? Organize a fun football match where teams must donate to enter the competition – you could even use some of your host pack goodies as prizes for the winning team.
  1. Collections: Easy way to fundraise is to have an anonymous jar/box where people (possibly in your workplace) can drop their spare change each day. The earlier you place it in the staffroom, possibly means more funds collected.
  1. Film night: Cheaper and for a better cause than going to the cinemas. Hold a film night at your house where your friends can bring popcorn, sweets and hopefully some fair trade baking too, along and chill on the couch to watch a good movie. Who knows you may even be able to find a relevant film based on Fairtrade rights. Here are a few examples; The Fair Trade, After the Harvest Fighting Hunger in the Coffeelands, Black Gold.
  1. Jelly bean jar: Fill a large jar with jelly beans (or a sweet equivalent) and ask people to guess how many lollies the jar holds. If they want to guess they must donate – and if they get the amount right they win the jar! Who will step up to the challenge?

Ten ideas not enough? Check out Oxfam’s fundraising idea generator for more inspiration!

Brew-itful fundraiser for schools

Why not come to school in mufti and raise additional funds for Oxfam's Morning Tea through a day of uniform-free fun!

(P.S. mufti days are a fun way to raise a really decent amount of money – and easily combined with a Morning Tea)


Just a reminder the top Morning Tea fundraiser will receive a "Year’s supply of Whittaker’s chocolate"- 12 x 250g Fairtrade chocolate….so get raising and spreading the word of Oxfam's Morning Tea!


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