Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Oxfam's Morning Tea.

If you can't find the answer to your question here, email us at or contact the Morning Tea team on 0800 600 700.

Planning your Morning Tea

When is Oxfam's Morning Tea 2016?
Oxfam Morning Teas can take place at any time of the year. There is no official date this year.

How do I register to host a Morning Tea?
Sign up online.

Where should I hold my Morning Tea?
Anywhere! The beauty of this event is its flexibility. Make your Morning Tea as simple or as creative as you like. You can invite your family and friends over for a Morning Tea at your home, have it at work or if it’s a nice day you could host it in the park. Popular venues include: the workplace; at home; coffee groups; book groups; local cafes; schools; sporting clubs or community groups.

How do I run a Morning Tea?
It's easy to organise a Morning Tea. Just decide on a venue and time of your choice. When you sign up online you’ll instantly create a Morning Tea page where you can invite friends/workmates to. They can then donate online before the event which frees you up to enjoy your Morning Tea on the day. 

If your work/school has morning tea then for one day just swap this for an Oxfam Morning Tea. If a morning event does not suit you, then get your friends/workmates together for a lunch or an afternoon Morning Tea.  Whatever format suits you best!

How does Oxfam New Zealand assist me?
As well as a personal fundraising page where you can accept credit card donations, we provide you with some online resources to print off such as invites and posters, some recipes and some fundraising ideas.

Will I receive a registration pack?
Unfortunately this year we are not supplying registration packs. it was no longer cost effective to be sending out the packs to hosts.

What does Oxfam New Zealand do with the money raised from Oxfam’s Morning Tea?
The funds raised from Oxfam’s Morning Tea help Oxfam New Zealand to continue our work in supporting struggling farmers in the developing world.

Find out more about making a difference

How else can I get involved if I can't host a Morning Tea?
If you aren't able to host your own Morning Tea, there are other ways that you can support Oxfam’s Morning Tea. You could encourage a friend, family member or work mate to host a Morning Tea, and then you can then attend as a guest. Or you could make a donation to Oxfam’s Morning Tea online or calling 0800 600 700 and letting the team know that you would like to make a donation to Oxfam’s Morning Tea.

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Fundraising and donations

Do I have to fundraise?
Fundraising is a vital part of Oxfam’s Morning Tea. By fundraising, you and your guests will support Oxfam's work helping farmers and their families lift themselves out of poverty. Find out more about making a difference.

To make it easier to ask your friends or workmates to make a donation, each Morning Tea host pack will include a money box for your guests to make a gold coin donation and we will include fundraising tips and materials in your packs to make this a fun and easy part of your event.

Plus we will also provide you with your own personal online fundraising page to share with your guests in case they can't attend or turn up without any gold coins!

Is there a registration fee?
No, it's free to sign up for an Oxfam Morning Tea fundraising page.

Are there any fundraising competitions this year?

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For schools

Can I hold a Morning Tea at my school?
Yes we encourage schools to get kiwi kids fundraising while learning about the value of fairness and the difference that fair trade makes. We provide some great learning materials.

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