About Oxfam's Morning Tea

Make a difference. Host your own Morning Tea Oxfam's Morning Tea is our annual fundraising event that offers you a fun and easy way to make a difference to some of the poorest people in the world.

Oxfam’s Morning Tea takes place nationwide each Fair Trade Fortnight, the annual celebration championed by Fairtrade Australia New Zealand. Each year, friends, families, schools and workplaces gather together to taste the Fairtrade difference and fundraise for Oxfam’s work towards a fairer, safer and more sustainable world.  Fairtrade aims to give farmers in the developing world a fairer share of the benefits of trade enabling them to make lasting improvements to their lives.

From humble beginnings in 2007 (as Oxfam's Biggest Coffee Break) the event has grown over the years to become the biggest event of its kind here in New Zealand.

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Charity begins at home baking

Good Books

Buy a recipe book from Good Books and know that 100% of profit goes to Oxfam. Good Books’ range is huge and worldwide delivery is free, so your Morning Tea will taste great and do good.

The difference you make

$244 can organise a technical organic agriculture course for 20 tea farmers to produce a healthy and profitable alternative, foregoing fertilisers and pesticides means fewer costs.