Paying in your money

It is best if you ask your guests to donate directly to Oxfam using the Donate Now button on your Morning Tea page. But if you do receive cash donations at your event then sending in these donations is easy! You can use one of the following easy ways to pay:

  • By credit card online - you can donate using the Donate Now button on your Morning Tea page. Make sure you choose the "I am making this payment on behalf of others" option and enter a suitable message to display on your page.
  • By online bank transfer - you can pay your donations directly into our ANZ account (details below).
  • By bank deposit at your local ANZ branch - use the ANZ bank details below to deposit the donations at your local ANZ branch. Please include your Oxfam supporter number* as the reference number.
  • By credit card over the phone on 0800 600 700.
  • By cheque - please make cheques payable to Oxfam New Zealand, write ’Morn ing Tea’ on the back of the cheque and send them in with your name and supporter number on the back and send freepost to: Freepost 4238, re: Coffee Break, Oxfam New Zealand, PO Box 68357, Newton, Auckland 1145

ANZ account

Oxfam New Zealand, ANZ bank, Newton Branch
Account number : 01-0202-0117805-03
Account name: Oxfam New Zealand

IMPORTANT: Please include the following reference information when making payment:

Particulars: your name
Code: Morning Tea
Reference: Oxfam supporter number *

*You will find your Oxfam supporter number on the email communications from us.

Thank you for taking part in Oxfam’s Morning Tea

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Fundraising target

Total: $4,750.60 (3%)


Target total: $150,000
Fundraising deadline: 31-Jul-14

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Sign up online or call 0800 600 700

Thank you from PNG

for schools

The difference you make

$320 can help cover the cost of one year’s training in life-changing farming methods that can dramatically increase the amount of rice people are able to grow.