Making a difference

Oxfam exists for a very simple reason – because poverty and injustice are unacceptable.

Holding coffee beans: discover the great tastes and benefits of Fairtrade.
With Oxfam’s support, struggling growers are getting a better price for their crops.

We believe in the power of people to change the world. That’s why we motivate and support members of the New Zealand public to take action towards a fairer, safer, more sustainable world.

Oxfam’s Morning Tea is your chance to make a difference.

Oxfam works to address the root causes of poverty and we’re challenging the unjust policies and practices that reinforce poverty. We believe trade has the potential to lift millions of the world’s poorest people out of poverty – but only if it’s fair.

Promoting fair trade is just one of the ways we’re helping growers get a better deal from trade. We also work directly with struggling growers, helping them access the skills and tools they need to earn a better income and work their way out of poverty.

How does money raised at your Morning Tea help?

By raising $142, you could provide a goat, two chickens, a duck and a boar to families living in poverty. Livestock equals food, fertiliser, income and the chance of hope.

By raising $200, you could equip ten families with the seeds and gardening skills they need to grow a healthy stable diet. And reduce their chance of malnutrition.

By raising $320, you could help cover the cost of one year’s training in life-changing farming methods that can dramatically increase the amount of rice people are able to grow.

By raising $700 you can help a farmer in East Timor take the valuable step of bringing their coffee to the warehouse and all the way to market. Securing a livelihood means a secure future and lasting change.


Fundraising target

Total: $5,126.60 (3%)


Target total: $150,000
Fundraising deadline: 31-Jul-14

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The difference you make

$200 will equip ten families with seeds and gardening skills to grow a healthy, stable diet.