Oxfam's Morning Tea 2014

Make a difference. Host your own Morning Tea

Hold an Oxfam Morning Tea in support of our work.

Oxfam's Morning Tea (previously Oxfam's Biggest Coffee Break) is a fun and easy fundraising event where people can get together, sample Fairtrade products and raise money to help people lift themselves out of poverty. Sign up today and join in the fun.

Oxfam Morning Teas are easy to organise, fun and completely flexible – you can hold one in your home, workplace, school, community hall, local park ... wherever!

To find out more see the About Oxfam’s Morning Tea section. And if you’re still not sure read about the difference you’ll be making to people affected by poverty in Why take part.

Sign ups for 2014 now open

Sign up to host an Oxfam Morning Tea in 2014 by filling in our entry form.

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Host packs will be sent out from April 22 and then throughout Fair Trade Fortnight.

For schools

New for 2012 - Chocolate Break!

Teachers and students are invited to take part in Oxfam's Morning Tea. Schools receive tailored resources and ideas on how students of all ages can learn about fair choices in a fun way and help make a big difference in the lives of people living in poverty in the world's poorest countries. Find out more.

Fundraising target

Total: $4,750.60 (3%)


Target total: $150,000
Fundraising deadline: 31-Jul-14

Look for the FAIRTRADE mark


Sign up online or call 0800 600 700

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for schools

The difference you make

$320 can help cover the cost of one year’s training in life-changing farming methods that can dramatically increase the amount of rice people are able to grow.